Okada Chiropractic Health Care continually accepts new patients to fulfill our mission statement; to deliver quality chiropractic healthcare to everyone.  We have had 20 years of experience in rehabilitation of muscle and joint injuries caused by automobile accidents, sports injuries, and aches and pains that may develop from everyday activities.  We also have a Wellness Program to correct and stabilize your health and functions.

Automobile Accidents:

If you have suffered an unfortunate automobile accident, Okada Chiropractic Health Care will assist you in recovery in every aspect. We are here to help. . . automobile accidents can be intrusive to your daily life and we will make it easy for you to enter a rehabilitative program, reducing your pains and suffering. Initial consultation will ease your worries and will begin a comprehensive conservative treatment program that will ease your pains. We are conveniently located and the time you spend to recover will be efficient.  There are many ways that will cover your medical expenses. . . Just come in and talk to us. . .

Sports Injuries:

If you have suffered a sports injury, Okada Chiropractic Health Care is highly experienced in muscle and joint injuries within the arms and legs.  Dr. Okada is team physician for many area high schools and is the team trainer for Santa Clara HighSchool’s football team.  Dr. Okada also performs sports physicals for colleges, high schools and youth football leagues.  Dr. Okada had specific training at the International Sports Medicine Institute in West Los Angeles, who rehabilitates pro athletes, USC and UCLA's collegiate athletes.  Youth sports rehabilitation programs are very affordable and efficient.

Wellness programs:

When spinal correction is reached, chiropractic “checkups” and help preserve and maintain your progress.  Occasional visits can help catch little problems before they become  serious. Wellness minded adults choose this type of care for themselves and   their children. Like other preventative health measures, Maintenance Care saves time and money by helping you stay well. . .